What's on my mind

Great! *Scarcasm*

I’m still trying to process everything right now. I feel like my life is a miss…. Oh wait that’s from Easy A. Well the last line is. That’s so original of me. Today was my final day of winter break. AH! I don’t want to go back to school. Like why why why? This break hasn’t really felt like break. Ever since my aunt has passed away my plans of doing nothing was all cancelled. My family came to Calfornia and everything was just so different. With my cousins and grandma in town we went shopping almos everyday (after xmas), spending New Years at Oxnard and more shopping with my grandma. Which is fine but i really wanted to spend my winter break doing nothing. Being with the family really was fun but it was not what i’ve wanted. I’ve spent my whole semester doing something and my break from the semester was the perfect gateway drug. A drug of doing nothing. Yet feeling high and silly on my blog. Has that even worked? Gosh what an dumb comparission. My goals over break was to read. FAIL! Do nothing. In between. Somedays i did do nothing but most i did do something. Watch TV all day. I’ve had that twice. Today and another day after New Years. And go on tumblr all break. CHECK! Wow you did it Daniel! Did it make you smarter? No. Did it make you read? Sorta. Just the text posts. Did you do nothing? No, i was busy tumblin! Was it worth it? YES. But whatever theres always Spring break. THATS IF I’M ALIVE.

Going to school tomorrow is going to be a drag. It’s the first day of the semester. More like the first day of pure fuckery. Going back to school means going back to waking up in the morning. Going back doing the homework psh like that will happen. Back to the annoying teachers. And back to having a social life. Great.

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