Starbucks Stories #5

My grandma is in still in town and decided to go to target. Luckily theres a starbucks nearby where i can not get bored following my grandma like a little puppy and blog an starbucks stories. I have a feeling this is going to be an interesting place to blog about. It’s been like it before in a previous post. This has been my second time blogging a starbucks stories at this same place and it was quiet interesting. OMG I JUST READ THE POST TO REMEMBER THE EXPERIENCE AND I THINK I JUST PIED. The whole time i was cracking up but in the inside. LOL. I remember some parts of the post but most of it is blank. This was 4 months ago anyways.

There are so many people here with their laptops and ipads. 1 ipad and 3 laptops not including myself. Well it’s sunday. Sunday to me is time with the family but when the family wants to go shopping you go to starbucks. This asian guy in front of me was staring at me. I was just blogging and i caught him staring. He’s probably staring at my scratched laptop top thingy. That or he’s just wondering if my computer is better than his. He has a huge sony laptop. I guess he wins. I have an Acer so. He just left to the bathroom. I SHOULD STEAL HIS LAPTOP AND SHUT HIM UP. Nah it’s not worth it. Giraffe’s have class.  

There’s this group of kids (young adults) sitting at the table next to me but outside. I’m inside. Too bad i can’t listen to their convo. They seem weird. A girl was staring at me too maybe because i was staring to their friends. Lol if they only knew its for the blogging press to enjoy. I want to say that they all look cristian by the way they talk and dress. But you guys might find it offensive. I’m still going to say it anyway. Just know that i really don’t mean to offend you it’s just MY way of thinking and judging for you guys to paint a picture inside your head. All the girls are wearing long shirts, til their knees. And a guy is wearing a very fancy tux. I just hope they all don’t become republicans and rule the country. A funny thing about the group is that they all got a tall sized hot coffee. TALL. SIZED. That’s so embarrassing. People won’t take you seriously if you buy a tall sized drink. Maybe if its an cold beverage but if its an hot drink the judging begins and bam you automatically seem poor trying to fit in with the middle class. What they all can’t afford an medium? Hows that possible!? You guys all dressed like rich and fancy hookers. I guess Christians don’t drink too much coffee. Well i just moved tables. One that has charging connection. Plus i got a better view of the friends. They left already. Shit.  

A couple just sat in front of me. This should be good. The guy is talking straight and not looking to his mate. So odd yet awkward. “A smart phone is not a smart phone,” he said. He’s talking about his girlfriends smart phone. She said she likes it because its easier for her to read emails. I don’t even know what brand of phone it is. I think it’s an android… I have no idea. But it has a touch screen. The girl looks like Courtney Cox from Friends. She has black hair just like her, looks old like her and has her body. And the guy looks like Brad Pitt but very old, chubby-er, but with the after look of what crack does to your face. Yeah they aren’t a cute couple. The courtney chic is bitching about how slow her internet is. Remember what Brad said, “Smart phones aren’t smart phones.” Omg the brad dude has a creepy laugh. Yeah don’t laugh. It’s super creepy. He laughs like this. “HAHA HAHA HAHA” But in an fake evil laugh. It’s the crack. *Past time* LOLOL I’M DEAD. The Brad dude just screamed to this stranger. “Hey where did you get those shoes?” He said it in a way of screaming, tell me where you got them bitch. The guy just said, “Big five.” As if he was talking to him in a bitchy way. High five to you! It was sorta rude the way Brad dude asked you. Diva. The Courtney chic is taking forever in the bathroom. She must be taking a dump. Or masturbating to porn. Maybe that’s why she’s complaining about how slow her internet access is. It’s taking her forever. Oh well she’s back right when i finished writing the sentence. I’m a wizard. Who the fuck leaves the bathroom while talking on the phone. Well it is Courtney Cox so. Omg she talks like her too! “I’m with John. The hetrosexual John.” What the heck. So creepy. Maybe it is her! Well they just left. Where? I have no idea. The courtney chic left saying, “I know it sounds crazy but is it okay?” What is? Sex in the car? Oh that Courtney Cox. And Brad Pitt too. 

Shit my sister is here. She better leave. I don’t want her to see me blog. Where is she though. I saw her come in 5 minutes ago and i’m right next to the place where you wait for your coffee. I don’t think the line is too long. I’m still blogging. It’s called taking risks. Cross that off my new years resolutions. Oh she left to Jamba juice! Haha that explains it.

Woah this guy just entered with his huge 5 feet dogs. I don’t know what kind they are but they’re huge. Just don’t come in starbucks. You’ll scare the shit out of me.

This teenage couple are waiting for their coffee. Omg this shall be good. The guy is hugging his girl. You guys must be deeply in love. Eye roll. Hashtag forever alone. The guy looks super young and the girl looks like she’s 20. Well they just left. The guy was touching the five feet dogs as he was leaving. He’s so tough. I’m being sarcastic. 

This guy is waiting for his coffee. He’s in his army outfit. Maybe i shall go on the ground and bow for him for what’s he’s doing for our country. Plus he’s ginger. Omg that’s so rare. He must really stand out. He got an iced coffee and banana bread. He must be rich.

Another look alike Christians group of friends came in. Is there a church near by that i don’t know about!? They’re all old though. 3o years old, old. Why are they talking about Facebook? Doesn’t your bible say not to talk gossip? Or am i just wrong? I think that’s the puritans tho. Maybe Christians too. And a two of the people of the group got a tall too! I guess Christians don’t like much coffee after all. AH ONE GIRL KILLED IT. She got an grande. So did another guy. Half and half… Haha.

These kids are next to me waiting for they’re coffee. They’re throwing spit balls at each other. Like go away. You’re kids. You shouldn’t be drinking coffee. You know those middle schoolers are always trying to fit in.

This guy (a dad) was messing with his child when he was in the restroom. He kept on messing with the door nob while he was peeing. LMAO. Best dad ever. The kid was like, “Oh it’s you! I thought it was the police.” Hope you understand the joke because i don’t know how to explain it. 

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