My day

May: Fun, Fun With Boring, and Nothing To Tell

Gosh why is it becoming a habit that i’m blogging this late? Its 3AM. Pretty much all night i was on tumblr and currently on post limit. So i decided it’s time to blog about my day. More like yesterday cause it’s passed midnight but let’s just pretend it’s the same day. 

Today was fun, fun with boring, and nothing to tell. Today has been fun because i’ve been on Tumblr all day. Tumblr was on fire today. There were so many perfect pictures on my dashboard that were so worth reblogging. Maybe that’s why i’m on post limit. It’s also been a fun with boring day because i went to the mall for like 4 hours. I went to the mall with my grandma, mom, stepdad, sister, and her friend. It was alright, I was alone at the mall most of the time. I got bored after 30 minutes of being at the mall. Right when i got there i went to H&M and spent the $20 dollars my mom gave me on these amazing jeans i bought. They’re jeans but with an light color of brown. Not too light just in between of light and dark brown. I think i’m in love with my jeans. After i was done i was so bored cause i had nothing to do because i spent all my money so i was just walking around and got even more bored. I had my iPod with me but it had 30 percent of battery and i was afraid it will die so i hardly used it. I even went to panera. I hate to admit this but the only reason why i love panera is because you can eat fancy and deliciously at a fancy, relaxing restaurant with wifi. If Panera didn’t offer free wifi i would of never eaten there. Maybe with my friends but not omg i want to go to panera so bad i’ll go even if i have to go alone. So going to panera today wasn’t the same because my ipod was going to die. Then after panera i was just sitting at the sofa in front of these stores for like an hour just listening to my ipod. Alot of people sitting around me were reading and it kinda make me feel bad i didn’t bring a book. I was so desperate, i guess, to fit in i was going to go to target to buy mockingjay and read just like these other two guys were but i decided to save my money and be brave.The whole time i was sitting on the sofa outside the stores, listening to The Family Jewels album. After it was over i bought coffee from Starbucks and went with my grandma and in 30 minutes we left… Cause i pressuring her. And the rest was boring. And that’s where the mood Nothing to tell, comes in. Cause there is nothing big that will make my May fantastic. I guess May will be boring then. Why? Because i’m starting to believe that the theory that the first 12 days of the month will determine what the 12 months will be like. Why not believe?

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