January 14

tm 1


tm 2


Look at the date. Now look at me. Trust me this isn’t one of my typical blog post about me showing off that i’ve been a fan of Lana Del Rey before she got popular. I was going through my posts from a year ago and i was looking at this and it started to make me cry. I so curious what i was blogging on tumblr a year from today and it appeared to be all Lady Gaga. This is the first time i have ever blogged and/or talked about lana del rey on tumblr. Just looking back at it makes me want to cry because i love Lana. I found my freedom through her music and just looking back makes me want to tear up. Her second single Born to die was just the symptons of loving Lana and her album were the real thing. I would sing and dance to her music all day and night. I just felt free because her songs were just perfect. Her lyrics were like poetry, the sounds were like electronic music but for the 60s, and her songs were so catchy i could not resist. Born to die is like my favorite album ever. I hate to say this but i think Lana Del Rey has impacted my life more than Lady Gaga. That’s cause i loved loved and loved Lana’s music. And i’ve known her before she got popular and just watching her rise to the fame is just so amazing. An amazing feeling. She’s just so perfect. I will never forget the date i admitted on tumblr i have fallen in love with Lana. January 14. I will forever love Elizabeth Woolridge Grant.

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