My day

April: Fun, Excitement, Killing, and Drama

Surprisingly the whole house is awake at 2 AM. That’s because everyone in the house left to the casino and got back an hour ago. And my sister is just awake as usual.

Today was a great day full with fun, excitement, killing, and drama. According to the theory that the first 12 days of the month will determine what your 12 months will be like, April will be filled with fun, excitement, killing, and drama. That’s just so much in just one month. Since the creeper i am, blogging about everything, April will be my favorite month to blog on. After all i did published a kick ass Fiction Friday. My day was fun because i really didn’t get annoyed with the world all day. I woke up sorta late, 12PM. Got up and watched tv with my mom and had the house to myself. Well my sister was home but she’s always in her room so it seemed like to me i was alone. And i like’d it. Then i was looking at these youtube videos and saw an interview of Lady Gaga talking about Marina Abromovic and i just had to google her. And now… I think i’m in love. She’s the greatest performance artist in this planet. I’m very anxious to watch the documentary on her work she made called The Artist Is Present. Where she just stares into peoples eyes and just passes her energy. And this piece of work makes many people cry. In a good way. And she’s been doing this for 3 months. Gosh she’s my idol. If only all of her works of arts were captured on tape… That would be amazing and will make me die. According to the theory, i will be discovering new people all month long. It can be authors, singers, or even bloggers. Now that’s something i’ll be looking forward to. Its also been an excitement day because for once in my life i got out of the freaking house and go to the movies with my friends. We were going to watch Monsters inc. in 3D but then we choose Guilt Trip but once we got there we watched Texas Chainsaw Massacre in 3D. And that’s where the killing mood comes in. It’s already scary in 2D. I don’t see the point of making it 3D… I guess to scare the shit out of people more like me. I act like a little girl when it comes to watching horrors movies. I just don’t like them. The whole time i was cuddling and hiding at the scary parts with my friend Natalie. The movie is sorta very scary. It’s just the chainsaw dude popping out of nowhere and not knowing when he’ll come out, scares the shit out me. I don’t want to spoil the movie for you but i can tell they’re going to make it a sequel. I have a feeling i’m going to have nightmares at night. Drama? How could Daniel ever have drama in his life? He’s just too damn nice for him to have drama in his life. That last line was a line that a friend of my mom used. She’s so dumb i swear. Thank god she’s not my friend. Kelcie, my ex best friend, was basically pleading to me to be her friend. And i sorta don’t want to. I have a huge weight off my shoulder that i don’t have to worry about texting her all day. I can now live my life without her bitching. I sorta ignored her and i’m going to continue to ignore her. She texted me to call her but i couldn’t cause i was at the movies but after i got home i still ignored her. I think its better that i ignore her rather then telling her i don’t want to be friends with her and i’m happy with out her. Because knowing her, she’ll cry. She’s sorta super sensitive. She’s so sensitive that she’s been crying over me, missing our friendship. I know that cause she said it on instagram under a picture. Purposely posting the picture so that i could see it and feel bad. Do i feel bad? A little. I just sure do hope someone helps her out of the misery. I’m so excited for April because if the theory turns out to be well, and only for this month fingers crossed, it’s going to be fun. Fun full with memories and going out a lot during the month of April. Yes i may have some drama with Kelcie during the month but atleast i’ll have instagram pictures to show her i’m having a great day and happy with out her in the nicest way in instagram history. After all my birthday is in the month April.

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