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March: Lazyness, Fun, And Sleeping Disorder

I’m like super paranoid right now… It’s kinda late and should be in bed by now and i can hear my footsteps from my moms room. Gosh i hope my mom doesn’t come to my room and takes away my laptop. But i guess for now the ghost is clear.

Today was a good day full with lazyness, fun, and sleeping disorder. Which brings us back to the science theory; the first 12 days of the year will determine what the first 12 months will be like. And March will be full lazyness, fun, and sleeping disorders. Looks like March will be the slowest month for my blog. Why Lazyness? Because I was home all day. I didn’t do anything really. Just lay in bed on my ipod and watched a little bit of TV. I was hoping to go to the mall or something today, since my grandma is here in town and loves shopping but she wasn’t feeling well all day so we just stayed home. And all day i did nothing… I guess the highlight of my day, other than blogging, was watching Buckwild. For once i had the television for myself and i remembered it was  the season premier of Buckwild on MTV. I wasn’t too excited for this tv show because it didn’t seem appealing and i already have a love for another red neck TV show, duck dynasty. Buckwild looks real and all but everyone is just too scandalous. Like what happened with Cara and Tyler. I don’t want to spoil it for you but i don’t think todays episode was worth watching. It’s sorta boring. Though the first episode is always boring so what can you expect. But if you’re planning to watch the season then you’ll need to watch the first episode to understand the whole season. That’s a thing i hate about TV shows. You have to watch every TV show to understand the season. But that can be discussed bitched about in another blog post. It was also a fun because i watched televison and went on tumblr. Tumblr is my definition of fun. Oh and i was watching these really weird people lip sync to Lana Del Rey on keek. I was laughing my balls off. One italian guy was singing Blue Jeans and his friends were cheering him on. Like, um no. More like shut up. You singly awfully. Another guy said on a 5 second video, “Who’s Lana Del Rey? More like who are you?” I was also watching a video of a girl brushing her teeth with her Lady Gaga toothbrush. I understand your excited but don’t brush your teeth. The video ended up to be a fail but still got published, obviously. She dropped her toothbrush in the first place, the speakers were failing after it got wet when she dropped it onto the faucet, and for the gran finale, she spit out the toothpaste… Slowly. So hilarious yet discussing. And the one the mood that got me going, WTF was my sleeping disorder i had this morning. My mom and my grandma left the house super early in the morning to take my aunt, uncle, and cousins to the airport and they woke me up and i couldn’t go back to sleep. Since my grandma left, i went to my bed and tried to sleep but i couldn’t. It was 5:30 of the morning. The whole morning i was on instagram and on youtube looking at random stuff trying to pass the time and wait until my step dad left the house so that i could make some coffee without saying hi to him. He didn’t leave until 7:30 AM and right when he left my mom just came back. Great! I was so close to have the house to myself but nooo the stupid border line was empty. I got up and made myself some coffee and went back to my room and it was around 8:30 AM when i decided to take a nap to give it a try. I didn’t think i would of fallen asleep since i felt like was wide awake but i was wrong as always. I fell asleep and didn’t wake up til 2PM. Gosh i was such an lazy ass. I guess the coffee i drinked in the morning didn’t work. But the most surprising thing was that i slept for 6 hours. When i take naps i sleep for 2 hours at the most. Though it made sense since i slept at 4 AM and woke up at 5:30AM. I slept so late last night because i was up all night blogging. The playlist i made was still playing after i published Feb. and i was still in the mood to write some more because of the music that inspired me to write some more and so i did. Was it worth it? Gosh yes! It would of been a completely different blog post opposed for it to be written today. I really did “free styled” through out the whole post.

Will March be filled with sleeping disorders like today? Or will i just wake up early all month? Or will i just wake up late in the afternoon all month? I have no idea on what to believe. That’s why i don’t believe in science. Or theory’s. Unless its mine.

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