Fiction Friday

Fiction Friday: In Love With The Man That’s Sweating

A huge weirdo touched my arm as a way to feel safe i guess. We were on the airplane taking off,  on our way to New York city. He was making weird noises and what seemed to me, sweating. Gosh that’s so much sweat. “I’m not supposed to speak to anyone,” he begins, “But I have to clear my conscience.” Conscience? What is he talking about? “What are you talking about?”, i said. “I don’t know. A little voice inside my head is telling me to talk to you… So hi.” He said, while smiling at me like a huge creep. A little voice? I have a little voice inside of my head too but it tells me to write not to talk to strangers and touch their arms. He seems a bit awkward. Which is fine cause i’m awkward too. “Oh cool.” What am i supposed to say? Oh cool i don’t give a shit. It’s been 5 seconds and its officially awkward. “My name is Marina and yours?”, i said. “Paul. Like Paul McCartney. The one who denied an collaboration with Justin Bieber.” Oh he has a sense of humor just like i do. I like it. “Oh yeah i heard about it on Twitter. Pretty hilarious.” “Yeah haha. I think he  denied the collaboration because legends don’t collaborate with newbies who sing for teenage girls.” “Seems like your a Paul fan yourself.” “I’m not a fan it’s just obvious if you really think about it.” “Hmm true.”, i said. I look at his gloves that have a bolt on. It must be the Chargers football team. “Nice gloves. Though i prefer the New York Jets. Ha! Get it? Cause were going to New York city? Ha!” I’m so lame. Great joke Marina.  “Yes i get it. Your too funny. You should be on Comedy Central.” “Or write a book.” i say, and show him my notebook. “You’re writing a book? Oh how nice. What is it about? Is it a memoir?” “No it’s a teen fiction book. Just watch i’m going to be the new Stephanie Meyers. It’s about an tall teenager and refers himself as a Giraffe.” “Oh interesting.” he says as a the airplane hostess comes in. “Hello are you Paul?” A simple, sorry to interrupt, would be fine but seems like to me these hostess don’t get paid well. “Yes i’m Paul.” “Seems like your on the wrong seat.” Well shit. “Oh okay. Well i guess i have to go do you want to meet up when we arrive in New York city? That’s if you are single.” “Yes i’m single. That would be lovely.”, i said as i see him walk to his seat. He has an nice ass. I think i’m in love.

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