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February: Happyness, Annoyment, Angry(ness)

You know that little annoying sound the computer plays when you turn on a windows computer? Well that sound almost gave me a heart attack. I had my earphones both inside my ear, conected onto my laptop and boom windows had made me jump. That was so scary. Gosh it’s so late its bearly 2am as i’m writing this. I’m currently sitting on my kitchen floor using the computer. I hope i don’t get caught by my mother. Since my whole family is in town, i get to give up my room to my grandma and i have to sleep on the floor in the living room with my cousins. So i had to have some time to myself and the smartest thing i thought of was coming to the kitchen. Good thing my cousins will be leaving tomorrow SHIT THE HEATER JUST TURNED OFF. WHICH MEANS EVERY LITTLE SOUND I MAKE CAN BE HEARD. Nevermind im back onto my ipod touch. The only thing that can be heard is my earphones which aren’t so loud… I get paranoid at night, in the dark. Hashtag: You know your obsessed with blogging/music when you create a playlist just for the night blogging mood. That playlist consists of Demi Lovato, Amy Winehouse, Fun, Bridgit Mendler I’m OBSESSED with ready or not, Amy Winehouse, and Marina and The Diamonds The Family Jewels album. I don’t think electronic music will go well with the dark… Too scary. Reminds me of It coming out of nowhere with its long nails snatching away my iPod telling me to go the fuck asleep.

Today was a good day. Today, and for the rest of the 12 days, i’m going to apply the theory; The first 12 days of the year will determine what your 12 months would be like. Now that i’m overthinking everything, it was a good day fun full with excitement, movies, music, shopping, and coffee. And that’s how February will be. Though there were some moments that i was annoyed, happy, and then angry but that was just my bi-polar alter ego. Annoyed by my little brat-y cousin following my every move all the way to the bathroom door, holding onto my legs, calling my name, and her loud crying voice. February will be filled with annoying kids following Daniel. Happy by having a great time with my cousins i guess, watching Easy A with the family. (Awkward), Starbucks stories Creppingly blogging about people is my thang., Promoting Want U Back on akoo…!? (Forgot the program name) It’s this telly thingy promo they do at the outlet malls. You just text the telly the code of the music video and boom they play it. , EATING healthy Subway. The healthy word should be attached with an eye roll GIF and just me being myself Being a bitch. Being funny but funny mean. My family knows i’m kidding anyways. The joke that i thought was good was when my sister tried to funny but i backed fired at her. Sister: Don’t be dreaming about my beauty tonight. Me: *shoe in my hand* oh i’ll be dreaming about your beauty after i beat you up and leave you like Rihanna. And angry about…. I have no idea. I guess the anger was the after math of the annoyment i got. Lets see how tomorrow (today) and all of March will go.

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