My day

January: Full With Exhaustion And Annoyment

Well happy new year! It feels like there is a little voice inside my head telling me not to blog… I’m such a rebel. I’m so exhausted. My cousins are all over the house causing chaos and screams. And the past three hours i’ve been in the living room seeing it all. The screams, the balls bouncing, the fighting for the wii control, food being dropped. My cousins may get annoyed that i’m in my room and not spending time with them but i need some me time after all. Good thing i’m no longer friends with Kelcie cause or else i’ll be more exhausted that i am today. I told my aunt, “Bye!” Making myself seem exhausted with this family so she could get her kids to relax. And so she brought the big devil of them all into the room as a way of torture. Luckily she didn’t mean it, it was a joke. If she really did mean it i would make her cry by telling her the buggy man is in the room. That always works. I heard that the first 12 days of the year, marks what your mood will be for each month. Today’s mood is annoyed and exhausted. Which means all of January i’ll be annoyed and exhausted. Dear lord please don’t tell me that won’t happen. I’ve got my little rugrats cousins here. You’ll make an exception for me right? Though the one, and only, good thing about science theory nonsense is that i’m blogging today which means i’ll be blogging all month. What a great way spend January by reading my blog, bitching!

I have also been doing nothing all day which i guess its something good to do today, according to the theory, because nothing to me means no homework. Which won’t be so bad because its the beginning of the semester so i’ll have enough time to bring my grades up. I’ve also been listening to music almost all day. That means my body will be ready for Lady Gaga’s new single! Except Nicki Minaj. I’m just not in the mood to listen her curse in every song of hers, today, and will end up being all month. Oh well i’ll survive. I don’t need anymore swearing onto my brain because then it would come out and onto my blog. Under the laws of Giraffe Physiology, that is. Uh! That would be a good blog post to blog about. We’ll see how the rest of the night will go. I’m sure were all going to bed at midnight. That equals two more hours. Two more ours of annoyment and exhaustion. Happy new years to me.

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