Happy New Year!

Happy new year to all my blog readers! It’s new year here in California already. And for those in Hawaii you still have two hours left. This post was written on Sunday, and scheduled just in time for it to be the first post of 2013. Hopefully you are now done hugging and wishing everyone a happy 2013 and have time to read this post.  If not i don’t care i have nothing important to say anyways. By this time i might be hugging everyone in my family as i am at Oxnard with family. This year is going to be mine and Lady Gaga’s year. And hopefully it will be your year too. My blog is all about me cause it is my blog after all but i want you to make changes in your life and stay happy. As for myself i will continue to blog everyday and as much as i can. I know when i see a status or something it says, Happy new years everyone! And i don’t take it serious because its not directed to me. But when it comes to this blog post i mean it to every single human or cat, that is reading this cause your reading my shit. Shit that is shit. So thank you! Happy new years and may all your wonderland dreams and wishes come true.

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