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Favorite Blog Posts Of 2012

Blogging these past 5 months has been life changing. I want to thank every single blogger or person who takes time out of their day to read my blog. Also thanks for all the likes and comments you post on my blog, they have made me a very happy giraffe. May you all become filthy rich in 2013. As for me the only thing that will get rich is my blog post count. They are so many blog posts that i have published on this blog but here are some of my favorites. In no particular order.

  1. My own meaning of masquerade. I loved this post cause i was totally feeling it when writing it. I keep on thinking and thinking what to say and then i was like, OMG yes. That’s good. Plus its one of my most read blog posts.
  2. Ghost hunters and paranormal witness may scary but i love it. I had lots of fun writing this post. Maybe cause i just love to tell stories about ghosts and demons. After publishing the post i was scared a demon was going to get in my house or something but that fear only lasted 3 days. Haha.
  3. How to be a giraffe. That was a fun post to write. I got the inspiration for it when i was dancing to a song. It was probably Want U Back. I don’t know.
  4. How to be a pig. That post was one of my most hilarious post ive written now that i’m looking back. I got the inspiration of writing this post by the song The State Of Dreaming by Marina and the Diamonds. And that was when i came up with the lemonade bath tub picture slash idea in my head.
  5. If i were to host the VMAs. Back when i was a dreamer. After i published this i hope someday MTV would contact me to host the VMAs in 2013. Again, what a dreamer.
  6. Addicted To Instagram. Those were the days… Now i hardly post pictures on instagram. My last picture was on sunday. Back then i use to upload 3 pictures a day. Since i was very addicted to instagram, blogging about it was so fun.
  7. Just be a bitch. One of my favorite life quotes.
  8. Happy Video Music Awards and may the odds be ever in your favor. I almost got a heart attack that day.
  9. Lets shove a headgear up your ass. The time my teacher got me mad because he was judging my handwriting.
  10. Fashionably, sexually, frustrated. The time when i was frustrated with my clothes. Hashtag wanna be fashionista problems.
  11. Spam comments are the best. Because they are.
  12. RE: taylor swifts song we are never getting back together. One of my favorite fiction fridays of all time. I had an idea for the post but i didn’t know it was going to be about Mitt Romney.
  13. Snoop dog is the boss. The only time you’ll hear, or in your case read, me say it.
  14. Lana Del Rey diaries. Lana del rey being a queen to my life.
  15. Starbuck stories #3. My favorite starbucks stories by far.
  16. Are you a human? Or are you a robot? Or are you just rich. I’ve always been curious.
  17. Inapropro. Inapropro instagram pictures.
  18. Shoplifting. My favorite paparazzi Tuesday by far.

What’s your favorite blog post from my blog? Comment below. Tell me!  I want to know. I’ve always been curious.

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