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Am I A Jerk?

Today has been a crazy day. Me and my ex best friend have been fighting almost all day… There’s two sides to a story and here is my side. I want to say the right one but i have no idea. She was mad at me cause i didn’t talk to her all day yesterday and because i’m never there for her when she needs me. The reason why i’m never there for her is because i don’t check my phone all day. I’m always busy doing other things like blogging for this blog, tumblr, and watching tv. Most times i leave my phone in my room all day and i don’t pay attention to it. I told her that i’m done with the friendship in the nicest way. Her friends are even calling me a jerk for doing that. And she agrees. Am i jerk? I don’t consider being a jerk. I think jerk is a strong word; something that i’m not. Everyday i have time for myself and go about the world like i’m having fun. I’m still in the process of discovering who i am by blogging, and having time to myself and i don’t pay attention to kelcie. I’m not ignoring her i’m just not noticing. Get what i’m saying? Hope so. All day i’ve been down. Not depressed or sad but down. My mood is, i’m sad but mostly sad about that things i’m called about. Well actually i don’t know. I hate to say goodbye but as for now i’m done. Being best friends with someone who lives in a different town is hard. Something i can’t do. So comment below and tell me whether i’m a jerk or not. Please be honest. I’m so confused right now.

2 thoughts on “Am I A Jerk?

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  2. no your not a jerk in fact shes a jerk she shouldnt be mad at you or her friends shouldnt be calling you a jerk cuz your not daniel your the nicest guy ik nd its like psh wat ever shes over there nd your here so enjoy your life with no drama nd just have fun you have friends here nd at school nd you still got me your college buddy hehe so yea your not jerk your fine if she wants to take as a jerk move let her hehe have fun with your blog sweetie
    – love Ellie ;)

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