A Look Onto Sticks & Stones Album Review

This post is from: http://www.hitfix.com/news/album-review-x-factors-cher-lloyd-arrives-stateside-with-sticks-stones

At various times, she’s either imitating Nicki Minaj (“Behind The Music”) or Avril Lavigne AND Ke$ha ( “Oath”), The Spice Girls (“Swagger Jagger”), Beyonce AND Rihanna (“End Up Here”) or , in perhaps the biggest stretch, M.I.A. (“With Ur Love”). Guess what? They all do themselves better than she does.

We’ll i think your wrong bitch. Cher Lloyd slays these songs with her voice. A voice that nobody has. First of all, Nicki Minaj? Really. You gotta be kidding me. Cher Llody’s voice is so different to Nicki Minaj. And if Cher was trying to imitate she would cuss. Cuss the whole fucking song. Just because her bridge is fast doesn’t mean it sounds like Nicki Minaj. Secondly, Avril lavgne and Ke$ha? NO. Your so wrong. Third, The spice girls? You gotta be shitting me woman. This song is totally Cher. If the spice girls were to sing this song, it would be a flop. Swagger Jagger was #1 in the UK… So. Fourth, Beyonce and Rihanna? Really? No. They are much more deep into their music. Just because Cher’s voice is high like Beyonce that doesn’t mean she’s similar to her. Everybody does it. And fifth, m.i.a? No. This song is totally Cher.

First do some research and then write the review.

anyone hoping to discover who Lloyd is as an artist will have to wait until the next album…if there is one.

Actually there is going to be a second album, she’s confirmed it. You cunt.

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