Album’s That Influenced Me In 2012

I last blogged about my favorite albums released this year. But this post is albums that were released in 2011 and/or in the past, that has influenced me this year. So here are some but most of them. In no particular order.

1. Unbroken by Demi Lovato. I have loved Demi Lovato ever since her single Skyscraper came out in 2011 but i never bought her album. I wanted to but i didn’t. I would listen to her songs, Fix a heart, Unbroken and From The Love of A Daugheter on youtube. I loved those songs. Until, March i think, the album was on discount on iTunes and i knew that was the perfect time to buy it. And i loved it. It was my jam. I’ve had so many experiences with this album. I remember being so bored in Geometry, sneaking in my earphone through my sleeve listening to the album all period. I remember being so bored walking around in the cold with my favorite coat while listening Fix A Heart. I remember listening to this on my way to mexico, on the airplane. Ah those were the times. This album is still my favorite. My favorite song on the album are either Fix A Heart or All Night Long.

2. Back To Black- Amy Winehouse. I do have to admit that i became in love with Amy when she past away. Though how i wish i knew her before she past away. When i heard the news, i looked her up and listened to her on youtube and fell in love. I got a gift card for iTunes on my birthday from a friend and with the money i bought the album. I love this album. This album is a perfect when your waking up with hangover. Not that i know how that feels but i can only imagine. It’s also perfect in the morning when your doing something like drawing or writing. And possibly blogging. But it doesn’t work for me. My favorite songs on the album are Rehab, Back To Black, You Know I’m No Good, and Me & Mr.Jones.

3. The Fame by Lady Gaga. To be honest, i didn’t have the complete album then. I only bought the singles… I’m such a bad Monster. I saw on itunes it was only $5 to complete the album and decided it was time. When it finally all downloaded, the first song i listened to was Money Honey. I loved that song. Ever since i heard Gaga perform it at the Monsterball i feel in love. I remember listening to this album all summer. That album was my jam to a dance session. When i was home alone at my dads house, i played the album really loud. My dad lives in an apartment complex on the top so there were no disturbance. I would also listen to the album when playing soccer with my cousins. I was always goal-ly because i was tall, so i had nothing to do just to listen to the songs and dance. My favorite songs on the album are, Money Honey, Starstruck, and I Like It Rough.

4. 1 by The Beatles. It’s an album with all The Beatles number one singles. I bought this album at target, i believe in late 2011 but i didn’t really start getting obsessed with it until January so that still counts. I remember i would blast this album every time i was home alone. I love The Beatles. They have some pretty nice songs. My favorite songs on the album are Lady Madonna its catchy. I love the song not her, Love Me Do, Can’t But Me Love, Eight Days A Week, and Hey Jude.

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