2012’s Best Albums According To Me

Music is something that i listen to all day. If i don’t listen i know i would be in a bad mood. Like this morning. I listened to Lana Del Rey. Back to the point here is my choice of 2012’s best albums in 1-6 order.

1. Born To Die by Lana Del Rey. I love this album. All year i’ve been listening to this album. It’s just so perfect. The lyrics are perfect too. The lyrics are like a poem. The best. This GIF slash lyric is so amazing. Lana Del Rey. Just marry me. Like now. My favorite song on the album is either Blue Jeans, Off To The Races or Million Dollar Man.

2. Electra Heart by Marina and The Diamonds. This album was released in july but for me it was in august. I have forgotten my debit card at home when i was at mexico for the summer so i didn’t buy it until i got home. The album is perfect. I listen to it everyday. Marina is just so perfect. I wish i had the chance to see her in concert. My favorite song on the album is Radioactive or How To Be A Heartbreaker.

3. Sticks And Stones by Cher Lloyd. I’ve been a huge fan of Cher Lloyd ever since her single Want U Back came out in the US. This album is my favorite cause it has alot of pop and the songs make you want to dance and sing along. My favorite song on the album has to be either Want U Back or Superhero. Oh and i love End Up Here too. Also Swagger Jagger. I was just vacuuming my room to that song.

4. Paradise by Lana Del Rey. These songs are amazing too. I love them all. Especially how almost all of them fit with the season Winter. The song, Body Electric is like my anthem to blogging. Give it a listen and you’ll know what i’m talking about. My favorite songs on the album are Blue velvet, Cola, God and Monsters, Bel Air and Yayo.

5. Pink Friday Roman Reloaded by Nicki Minaj. I love this album. And mostly because Nicki Minaj has a pouty mouth. The album is so perfect tho. For sometime i thought this album is better than Born This Way. But now that i’m not that obsessed i say they’re both on the line. This album was like my jam during the summer. It has a lot of electronic songs that i enjoyed. I still think making Pound The Alarm an single was a big mistake. Va va voom could of been a better single. But whatever. My favorite songs on the album are Beez in the trap, Right by my side, Va Va Voom and of course, Masquerade.

6. Last but not least, Warrior By Kesha. I’ve been waiting for this all year. This album is so catchy as well and makes me want to dance and shake my booty. I’m still in the process of listening to the meanings of the songs but the lyrics and beats are great. Some of my favorite songs are C’mon, Gold Trans Am, Dirty Love, and Die Young.

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