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Thoughts & The Family Jewels

Looks like i have a thoughts.com blog account. HA! Thoughts.com is so boring compared to wordpress. A pro about thoughts.com, is that they have a recently published section and your post stays there for minutes since the site is so lonely. Gosh that so cool! Whore status. But i’m not leaving WordPress. I have a while blogging for this blog and i’m going to keep it that way.

Marina and the diamonds’s first album, The Family Jewels, came in the mail today! Finally! It arrived just when i just published my last blog post. I checked in the morning the shipment status and read that its on its way here. I was so happy and excited. I was in the middle of revising my blog post and heard the mail man. Forget this *publish*. And ran to the mail. I came in house jumping and dancing that it finally came in. My aunt was asking why was i dancing and i said because my album came in. “Oh really? Play the album i want to hear it.” Oh okay! I’ll gladly play the queen’s album. I was singing and dancing to Are You Satisfied? and my aunt screamed, “I want to hear the music.”  Sorry i was too excited. And my cousin noticed that i frowned and had my head down. I don’t even remember doing it. My other cousin said she sounds like a guy… Um something is wrong with his ears. Marina totally sounds like a girl. It took me forever to upload the album to my ipod. I’m just glad its finally added to my ipod. Anything for Marina. ANYTHING. I guess no more Pandora for me anymore.

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