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An Cray Family

My winter break is getting so boring. I thought it was going to be fun with my cousins here but they left me to go shopping while i stayed home cause i have a orthodontist appointment later. Instead i have my 2 year old little cousin following me around everywhere. She’s so annoying. She kept on calling my name, insisting me to play with her, and playing tag. I wouldn’t even consider it tag. She just touches me and says, “Haha i touched you.” I try to ignore her but she just doesn’t stop. She’s also random. She was touching my spine and saying, “Look a snake.” Get it? Cause her hand is going up my spine like the movement of a snake. Next thing you know she’ll be impressing me doing adnormal stunts like in the AT&T commercial. Why do little kids always follow me even when i don’t talk to them? Cause i’m getting annoyed.  That little girl doesn’t let me do anything. I was going to start blogging but she came in my room and pushing the buttons. Currently she’s taking a shower thank god. Hopefully a physiologist reads this post and helps me.

My cousins aren’t even fun. All they do is play on their iPod’s all day. Like get the fuck up, your in fucking america don’t you want to go out? But that was yesterday. But i still mean it. We were playing DrawSomething on our iPod’s almost all night until i told them i got bored. But they continued to play. Even the oldest one who i get more along with was playing on his iPod all night. Not DrawSomething but this racing car game. That’s so boring. I get so bored with video games after a while. That’s why Mario Party is my favorite game. Cause it has multiple games and at random.

Also my uncle is way too harsh to them. He’s even starting to creep me out a bit. Last night he didn’t let them eat much chips cause he says that he doesn’t want them to get fat. Like they’re on the edge of becoming a teenager when their metabolism isn’t too big. But he didn’t listen. This morning, he didn’t let them drink soda.  Which i understand cause it’s morning. But he doesn’t let them drink soda all day. Only on rare occasions like for party’s or when they stop at the gas station. But other than that they don’t. Like OMG. I drink soda almost all day. I would kill my self if he was my dad. No soda or junk food…. That is no fun. I wouldn’t kill myself but i would go rebel. Ever since i learned about rhetoric writing in english class, i feel like a boss when in an argument. So. I would so that skill. But would i defend them? No i’m scared of him. I feel so bad for them.

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