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Internet Survival Skills (Not)

It seems as if everyday this week some loud noise wakes me up in the morning. This morning my mom was testing the car and the engine has going off loud like crazy. I was so tired and needed to sleep. If they have some plugs for your ears i want some so that i could sleep in peace. Since my aunts passing my cousins are coming to california and i’m so excited! They should be her by this afternoon. Hopefully they stay here for a couple days cause i have nobody to hang out with. We could go to the movies, the mall, starbucks, and and and somewhere fun. You may think that they are young little kids but they are not. The oldest is two years younger than me. and the other two are a year apart. My mom was even talking about me going with them to Oxnard. Which wouldn’t be a huge of a problem. OH WAIT THERE WILL. I might not be able to blog. Gosh how i wish i had my own portable WiFi or something. But i will try to get something done and scheduled to get published for the time beings. At my grandpas house he doesn’t have WiFi. He has a computer but everyone uses it and for me it would be too much to ask for. Internet is like my life and i will need it. I like to keep my blog updated. I don’t want to be one of those bloggers who blog twice a week. But i’ll try to get something done. Hope you understand the situation if not i care less.

The fact that i won’t have internet it kills me. I need to get my twitter and tumblr updated. I live off tumblr everyday. Just looking at those pictures and posts make my day. You just don’t understand. I have to blog every day on tumblr for atleast 3 hours or else my giraffe dignity will explode. How? I would be a mess. I will die. Go into a coma. Die. And become a Zombie. And next thing you know i will be blogging about how much i love brains. And then the readers will be become zombies and eat brains. AND then everyone will blog about brains. YOU SEE HOW INTERNET IS IMPORTANT FOR ME AND THE WORLD.

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