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An Odd Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! It doesn’t even feel like Christmas  I think because Christmas eve was on Monday and today is the relief that it’s not a Monday  Maybe that’s why it feels weird. I got a lot clothes and few miscellaneous gifts. Every year i get a funny gift, like last year i got a jersey shore puzzle. I’m not even a huge fan i just like watching them on TV. Or maybe i am. I subscribed to all their accounts on Keek and follow the whole cast on twitter… But this years funny gift is a breaking dawn part 2 calendar… Like really? My sister got it for me. I use to be a huge fan of twilight when i was reading the books but now i don’t care. But at least my bitchy sister got me something. Which is a huge shocker cause she can’t stand talking to me at times. Free calendar tho. The best christmas gift i got is the cd, The Family Jewels, by Marina And The Diamonds. From my dad’s money. I ordered it on Saturday and it’s not here yet. Fudge! I need that album like now. I can’t turn on my computer every time i want to listen to it. That would take up alot of energy (I’m talking about my energy not the computer). I also got the movie Easy A for christmas! WOO HOO! I love that movie. That’s like what i would want my life to be like in my wonderland dreams. I stayed up til 2AM last night watching the movie. While drinking tea and eating circus animal cookies, the white and pink kind. They are so delicious.

I’m such a lazy ass. I woke up at 12PM. I was awoken by the loud noise of my step dads kids, opening their gifts at 6 AM. Like shoot me now. But good thing i fell back asleep and got my full 10 hours of sleep. I woke up in a good mood cause i got my sleep. My brain was like ready to take in Christmas day and make a day out of it. But I have no idea what else i’m going to do today…. I’m probably just going to be lazy. I would go to the living room but my step dad is there and he’s so annoying. So i rather stay in my room… I hate to say this but i miss school already. But with no homework. My day just goes by faster when i have school. Oh well. My Christmas day could be the best day ever if i just had a blast. Going to the movies, Panda Express, starbucks with my friends will be a good way to go but they all have families to hang out with. I do too but they are just so boring. And my step dad is just so annoying. He doesn’t let me watch TV in peace. Whenever he watches Teen Mom he always says his irrelevant comments. We’ll see how today goes. My brain feels like its currently going through a hangover. From what? I dunno…

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