This Week’s DP Challenge: I’ll Be Expecting You

I actually like this week’s DP challenge. The challenge is to write everyday for a week for 30 minutes. Alleyuyah! It’s about damn time some bloggers udate their blog daily. Some of my favorite blogs, blog like twice a week. So hopefully you lazy punks take part in the challenge for the sake my laughter. The good thing about the challenge is that bloggers will see how fun it is to blog everyday and continue doing so for the rest of their lifes. As for me, i blog everyday so that would be a big of a challange but i will try to write it all in 30 minutes. It usually takes me an hour to get a blog post published. That’s because my spelling and grammar is horrible. My they’re are theirs, the word procrastination becomes procastionation i almost had it! , and sometimes i get too excited blogging i forget some articles like the and that, or sometimes i don’t make sense at all. My readers know what i’m talking about. Sorry giraffe’s aren’t perfect.

Do i recommend the challenge? Yes! Blogging everyday is so much fun. I do everyday and i enjoy it. You’ll feel like a whore when you get lots of likes on your blog, daily. If you don’t do the challenge i’ll tell Snooki to jump onto you and spray tan spray all over your face. Me trying to be funny. FAIL!

As the creeper i am, i’m sure ill keep an close eye onto this weeks challenge via reader. picture a creepy old man behind the screen saying. I’ll be expecting you.

2 thoughts on “This Week’s DP Challenge: I’ll Be Expecting You

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