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An Annoying Christmas Eve… So Far

I woke up this morning ready to blog. I was reading my emails and say the post and that was when i wrote the blog post about the DP challenge. Yes i woke up at 11:30. I’m so lazy. Oh wait no, i woke up at 8 AM by the screams of my step dads kids playing the wii. They’re going to be with us for christmas. Well they’re leaving Christmas morning to be exact. They are so annoying tho. This morning they were screaming at every time they lost when playing Mario Bros, waking me up at 8 am when i really needed my beauty sleep cause i slept at 11:30 last night. Thank god i was able to sleep after and woke back up at 11. Those kids are so annoying. The oldest one is 7 and he’s one of those kids who loves playing games and watching tv. When i first saw him yesturday, i was in my room and he came to my room. I told him, “Okay lets go eat pizza. Time to eat.” But he wouldn’t listen. So i turned off the light of my room as a hint to get the fuck out of my room and yet he didn’t leave. He kept playing with my coins i had on my desk and putting them in my electric piggy bank. I even told him to get out or else ill close the door, cause every little kid is afraid of the dark and still didn’t listen. Until his father told him, “hey what are you doing? Get out.” Thanks Henry. Then he went straight to the recliner and got the iPad. And so i took it away for him. That little snot won’t be using the ipad. He uses it all the time. I told him he could use it when he’s done eating. He just got here and all he wants is the iPad!? Diva! And then i put a password on it so that he doesn’t use it. His other brother is just as annoying too. He loves fight. Like play fighting. But i don’t. He was getting on my back, kicking me, holding onto my leg. So annoying.

They are just all so annoying. All they do all day is use the ipad or use the computer and watch the television at the same time. Like when am i going to watch television!? But i didn’t care. I just took away the iPad from the little kid and went on tumblr. My excuse to him was that the battery was going to die. Little does he know that i have the charger. Right now the kids are off to a walk with their father. I hope its a long walk. They were encouraging me to go with them but i didn’t want to. I need some break from those little nuggets. They were calling me lazy for not going but really i don’t want to be with them. “Your so lazy Daniel!” And your annoying.The father was telling me, “You don’t mind if were out for a while.” Of course not! Take all the time you need. I need my time to myself for god sake! “No it’s fine.”

We’re later going to my aunts house for gift exchange. Good thing those little nuggets will have little kids to play with.

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