What's on my mind

Super Awkward Kills

My mood right now? Annoyed. Yesterday i discovered who are my true friends. I was going to go to the mall with a friend yesterday and but she ended up not responding to my texts and calls and found her at the mall and she left with in 30 minutes. I can go deep into details but that would be boring. I’m over it now. I later found my other friends at the mall and hanged out with them for the rest of the day. I had so much fun. But one important thing that happened is the discovery that i’m super awkward. One of my friends, that talks to Zayn (my past “lover”) asked him what’s up between me and him, pretending like she doesn’t know anything. And he said that i’m super awkward and that he’s into middle eastern guys…. There was a long pause when i first heard that. First, im super awkward!? If i was super awkward why did you still talk to me!? What a butthole. And second of all, Middle eastern!? LOL really? Is it because they’re hairy? EW. Throw up. All day i was thinking… I’m super awkward? Okay. Well i was awkward but that was because he didn’t give me some time to break out of my shell… I’m super awkard!? I would understand that i’m awkward but super? YOUR SO CRAZY.  I’m still getting a hold on that. Omg. Gosh why do i have to be super awkward. Cause your a giraffe! Oh SHUT UP. That doesn’t help me right now. What ever. I’m officially now on the phase of me making fun of him and his future lovers. AND HIS HAIRY MIDDLE EASTERN BOYS.

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