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Strong Like The Rivera’s

I just got the news that my aunt past away. She died from brain cancer. She was rushed into the hospital this morning and discovered she had cancer. We had a feeling she wasn’t going to make it because she was put in life support and they were waiting for her heart to stop beating. And just about 2 hours ago she past away… I will always remember her. She was my great aunt, my grandma’s sister. She was so nice. Every time we saw her she would give me and my sister money to spend. Last time i saw her was in November and when we were about to leave she gave me and my sister $30. She didn’t talk to us much cause she was always talking to my mom but when we had a chance she did talk to me. You know just small talking.

She lives in Los Angeles and we would visit her house alot when my grandma was in town. One thing that i will always admire from her is that she was strong. Her daughter, 19 years old, has leukemia cancer. She’s currently going through kemo and is doing good. My aunt was always worrying and crying for the health of my cousin. When my cousin first got diagnosed with cancer we went to go visit her and my aunt would tell us that she couldn’t sleep at night cause she would hate to see her daughter suffer from cancer. Her other daughter was going through divorce and needed her mom. Her other daughter’s kid, her grandchild, loved her so much. She was always with her. They saw each other everyday. She loved her grandma. I remember she would tell her, “Carry me grandma. Grandma lets go see dora someday yeah?” Cause she loved dora. And she has another son had some problems too with her wife. I just don’t understand why she had to go when her kids needed her the most. And she had a very nice husband that loved her. I just can’t imagine how the family is doing right now. It’s so depressing. Tomorrow my grandma and uncle, mom’s brother, are coming to california to see my aunt. My grandma had a very close connection with her. My mom told me that she was crying when they were on the phone. You know your mother (mine) is a die heart fan of Jenni Rivera when she tell us to stay strong and happy like the Rivera family. She was telling my grandma, “We’ll i guess where just gonna have to be strong just like the Rivera’s.” Oh mom, your such a big fan of Jenni Rivera. On the positive side, she’s learning from her death. For now we’ll have to wait and see what will happen when my grandma and uncle come to make plans. Were for sure going to her memorial service. (I hate using the word funeral. It’s too dark).

I’m heartbroken. I haven’t cried for her yet, until i started writing this blog post. I just love her. She was very nice to me and always talked to me… I just can’t believe it. She’s gone. Sucks how she bearly didn’t even survive for Christmas.  She was even going to get together with her other brother and sisters like they do every year for Christmas  But i know this year’s Christmas is going to be very different. She was so nice she had some kind of relationship with the family like she did to me. Rest in peace Antonia. I will always love and admire you as a fighter and thinking more about the others than yourself.

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