My day

Nor Cray Nor Crazy But Odd

I’m so glad i have so many things off my chest now. Like omg, its about damn time. The semester is finally over! Woo hoo! Two weeks of just doing nothing. Oh yes bitches. My goals during this break is to read 3 books, blog alot more often, and clean my room… I guess. I have so many old books that i bought long ago and haven’t read them and now is the perfect time to do so. I’m currently reading Peeps that i bought in 2009. I only read to page 50 then. But now i’m re reading it and now i’m in page 64. Score. I had no idea peeps makes vampires horny. How could i not remember reading that in 2009!? So odd.

Today was an odd day. Not a cray day but odd. I thought it would be cray cause its the end of the world according to the mayans, with having others in town do crazy shit cause its the end of the world anyways, but it wasn’t. I’ve noticed now the US doesn’t give a shit as the date came closer and closer. This morning, before our US history final, Another teacher who is next door and always comes to our class room, came in and said, “Are we in hell?” Ofcourse we are. It’s finals day. But he was talking about doomsday being today. “I don’t know. I think so. The only difference is that hell is ending in 5 hours.”, said my teacher. “Oh yeah.” My teacher would also give out detentions to students who came to class late. His excuse was that its the end of the world anyways and it was his early Christmas present. GIVING DETENTIONS ON THE LAST DAY OF FINALS. ONLY MY TEACHER WOULD. The final was okay. I got a 66 percent on it. Close to a C. I really don’t give a fuck. As long as i pass the class i’m good. My life quote right there guize. 

Then i had English. We had our final immediately cause we wanted extra time for our party. The final was super easy cause we had our cheat sheet where i wrote down all the vocab words and helped me. Alot. Good thing it did. I stay up till 11 last night making it. I was about to give up last night but then i reminded myself just one more night and your done. After the final we had Pizza and watched a movie. I was eating pizza, doritos chips, and watching The Hunger Games. What a great way to rejoice the end of the world. I heard that the Philippines had a church mass until december 22nd at midnight to rejoice that the apocalypse didn’t come. Gosh i wish i was there. These past two years i’ve been worried that the world was going to end and being in the Philippines was my way of saying, Yeah yeah yeah! I survived! Now let me go home and blog about it. Wait, why later when i can do it right nooow. 

Then i got home and went on tumblr all day and that was pretty much all of my day. Except that i cleaned my room. That’s if cleaning my desk counts. My whole desk is now paper free. After i was done clearing it i had one of those moments, Oh that was a desk? Since i had papers everywhere from school. But that was just part one. Tomorrow i’ll do part 2. I didn’t watch Nick And Norah’s Infinite Playlist tonight like i did the past two days. So odd. I guess i didn’t have much stress today. Plus we had visitors for dinner so that kinda distracted me away from awkwardly cute love movies that just make me sick to my head. But hey, i have something to blog about.

Half an hour til the 22nd. Shall i stay up? No, i’m freaken tired.

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