Fiction Friday

Fiction Friday: Nerd Discovers The Butterfly Affect Of The Possible Apocalypse

So like the world was going to end. What’s up with that!? I’m a full time nerd and i was totally looking forward to this day to do research about it but the stupid Mayans can’t get their shit right. Like you guys are one of the best astronomers in the world and you can’t get this shit right!? Well were. But still meant it. If i calculated the speed of the world falling onto the ground with the evidence of quatimen dived the mass of the earth, the Apocalypse could of been faster than lighting! Or even better, faster than my calculator. And if i prove it i could win a nobel prize and use the money to invest in the environment  lowering our ecosystem making the world a better place by dividing the money equally and no more economy. And if im correct, earth can be as perfect, society’s definition, John Lennon wanted. Making Yoko ono rich cause everyone will praise John Lennon so all the profits will go to her and all the money will go onto her foundation. And that foundation could give money to Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation to put an end to bullying and if im correct, bullying would come to an end after 3 weeks the almost apocalypse, lets call it that. If that’s a success the world would be a better place, no more sadness, depression, leading Lana Del Rey out of the buisness. Lana del rey always writes music in a depression mood. And if she can’t write music anymore then the world would go in depression cause there will be no more Lana Del Rey. And the whole world would go rebel and next thing you know our life will be EXACTLY like in the Hunger games, the movie not the games… So apocalypse or not? I still want that nobel prize though.

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