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Just One More Day

I’m just having one of those days that all i want to do is lay in bed and watch tv all day. Oh wait i said that already yesterday. I still feel that way though. But today is not the day to procrastinate.  I have my last two finals tomorrow. English and US history. I better pass my classes or else. Just one more day of finals Daniel. 

I’m watching Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist once again. Second day in a row. I was in this mood that was in need to watch the movie to wash me away from my misery. A misery that’s a mystery. Not that i was in a bad mood but just in a mood that i could no longer resist. So i decided to watch the movie to make my day and it’s worked. Watching my favorite movie before the world ends is a good way to go.

Did you read my last blog post? Oh the one about doomsday tomorrow? Typical Daniel Giraffe. Well that was my 200th blog post. Gosh so much has changed since i last got 100 blog posts. I have 62 blog followers and 3,658 blog views in just 4 months! Get get in line and settle down! Me quoting No Doubt’s song, Settle Down…I tried. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I can’t believe my blog has that much views or followers. Like is this real life? Or is this all just a wonderland dream?

My goal was to get 200 blog posts before 2013 and i did it! I was going to say world war. Its a sign that’s a way were all going to die! (Lol. Not really. I’m thinking about my final about world war 2 tomorrow so…). I remember passing 100 blog post and setting myself a goal to have 200 blog post before 2013. And i accomplished it! I even remember pushing myself to publish 3 blog post daily but that was sorta a fail. I wonder how my blog or i will change when i hit 300 blog posts. But now all i think about is whether the world is going to end tomorrow or not. Hope not. You’ll know the end of the world will come to an end when i blog about it. Cause i’m just like a wanna be. I do what ever everyone else would do. Blog about it. 

Plus why is everyone talking about doomsday, today. Its the last new episode of Jersey shore! The last Jerzday ever! Why wouldn’t you guys talk about it. Bitches. I hope you get crocs for christmas.


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