How To End Awkward Video Chats

Having an awkward conversation via video chat can be awkward. If your tumblr famous or something, and you skype with randoms and want to end the chat but don’t know how. Then your on the right blog post.

So how to end it the chat? Well click the end button obviously. And let your excuse be, oh my laptop died. Or you could say, my mom came in the room and i didn’t want her to see what we were talking about. I would say what we were showing (being nude) but since it is awkward i doubt that could happen.

You want to end the chat with a nicer way? Want an excuse? Then here, use mine! You could say,”Hey i go to go my laptop is dying. I could charge it at the same time but the battery is so stupid and won’t turn on unless the power cord is unplugged. So stupid, i know.” You could also say, “Oh shoot i have to go. I have homework to do. It’s getting late.” And if they insit on you staying you could say, “Nooo i have to go. I have a bedtime and i cannot stay up and do my homework. My mom won’t let me stay up. So stupid, i know.”

You want to truthful but in a nice way? You could say, “To be honest i find you boring. I know its mean but i have my reasons. I created this skype to be entertained not bored and awkward. I really really hope you understand. Plus your so hot (even if the truth hurts).”

You want to be truthful in a mean way? Well you could say,” Gosh you make things so awkward. I rather talk to someone who is nice and entertaining. Not someone that is awkward or makes things awkward. Bye! I hope you have a boring video chatting day.”

What some special effects? Magically put your finger over the lens. But do it fast! So that the other person doesn’t see your finger go towards the lens. And say, “Oh my whats going on!? Wait what did you say? I can’t hear you! I think were breaking up.” And then click the end button immediately.

Hope this helps. Gosh i’m so good. I should be a therapist.

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