Paparazzi Tuesday


Happy Paparazzi Tuesday! I’m currently watching Caught Red Handed the people on this show are so stupid. Some people on the show are pretty smart when it comes to shoplifting but still stupid at the decisions they’re making.

So I was sitting in my bed, watching Caught Red Handed on trutv, trying to think of something to blog about and then i remember its Paparazzi Tuesday. Good think i reminded myself cause i haven’t even thought about it all week. Which is a bit odd cause i usually think about what selection of pictures i should do. And then i think about shoplifting. There had to be funny picture about it. And it turns out that i’m correct… in my own way. This might be my favorite Paparazzi Tuesday ever.

Um, what are they doing!? Based on how they are dressed, this could be a very old picture. Like the 90’s maybe. In this picture it looks like they are stealing a sweater… Which is a good thing cause they look so ugly dressed like that! Omg like take that shit off.

Smart yet stupid. Again, what century is this? They look ugly!

Take a good luck at this picture…. Now how dumb are they!? Just because the store has a flood it doesn’t mean that the camera’s don’t work. What happened to the ski mask you black people wear/use? Is that like so hurricane katrina ago? PS: Go to the link i have set when clicking on the picture. They tell you how to shoplift with out getting caught… It’s so hilarious i can’t stop laughing.


How funny… Looking at the picture in the middle… This reminds me of the salem witchcraft trials. Not that i’m a vampire and was alive to see this but ever since i seen the movie The Crucible, the hanging scenes is all i think about now. Bitches (the authorities of the trials).

I wonder how many people actually fall for this. This is an actual sign… So go figure.

LMAO! I CANT STOP LAUGHING. There’s so many things about this picture that makes me want to laugh. One, the sign. Two, Can you imagine the face of costumers when reading this? They will probably be feared for life. If i had my own store i’m for sure going to have this sign on the door. I HAVE TO HAVE THIS. THIS IS TOO FUNNY.

What kind of person does this? Do you know how stupid you look just by having that sign on and admitting it? One, what if the managers saw that you stole from walmart and saw you? Then your in deep trouble. Two, your making yourself look stupid and immature to the costumers walking inside. Three, who the fuck steals from Walmart? Atleast steal from a store that has class like target.

Your such a bad ass… I actually like this sign better than the one above cause it has a sense of humor. Not immaturity.


You’re really that poor to steal candy? Based on the clothes your wearing you don’t look poor but you still look poor… This isn’t something a poor person would do either. If your poor how are you going to pay for your bail money? Doubt you’ll get charged with a felony but still.


Go figure what this means… It’s so obvious.

This is so hilarious! This guy looks Italian… Is this picture trying to say that being killed for shoplifting isn’t a big deal? Cause italians love food and they will do what ever it takes.


Another white people joke. I’m sorry i just find this so funny.

Hope you guys learned a lesson today.

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