A Bright Side To The World Ending On The 21st

I was going through a post of a blogger who liked my last blog post with the same title as mine and my first thought, more like image, that came to my mind was Gorge Lopez saying, “Estas Loco!”

What’s so great about it ending? Nothing. Literally nothing. You want a blog fight? Lets get fighting! Though i don’t want to cause i’m too lazy. Hashtag lazy giraffe problems.

I’m like getting so scared tho about the 21st. Could this be true or not..!? I hope not. And doubt it but still scared. I don’t want earth to die. I love earth and i’m doing a good job taking care of it. Don’t believe me? Bitch i was born on Earth day. If the world is really going to end… I don’t even know. I’ll save my words for thursday.

My point here is that there is no bright side to the world ending on the 21st. If so tell me. It would be something interesting to read and laugh about. Plus a little voice in my head told me to blog about it.

If the world really is going to end, im going to Japan. I hear Regina Gorge from mean girls does car commercials there.

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