99 cents For A Flat Screen TV? My Family Will Be There! (Not Me)

My family are like so excited for a 22 flat screen tv. The 99 cents store is having a sale on thursday and they are selling 22 inch flat screen tv’s for 99 cents for the first 9 customers. And ever since my mom showed my step dad (i hate to use the word, my. Oh how i hate to make sense for the sense of blogging. <— Hope that made sense.) the ad they are planning to camp outside the store on Wednesday. I guess they are so excited to get a new television. I just don’t get it. You guys were just criticizing people camping outside Best Buy for black friday and now you guys are planning to do it for the 99 cents store? Make up your mind already. It’s a good deal but will it last? Maybe that’s why its worth 99 cents. My mom and the step dad (thats better) are going to wait outside the door, in line, while one or the other are going to sleep in the car. And my sister is going to stay with them too cause she doesn’t want to go to school. Like i would join them too (all i’ll do is sleep in the car) but i have finals and i cannot miss school. So i’m just going to stay home i guess. My sister is even excited about it too. She’s like, “And we can watch movies in the car too with your (to step dad) car DVD player!” “Oh yeah!” And they high five each other and smile, being excited about it. While i’m to the side ignoring them thinking, you guys are so annoying, weird, and ridiculous. You guys are embarrassing. I asked my mom, “So who’s having the television?” “We are (my mom and the step dad). Oh wait no, you are. You can have the 22 inch and i’ll have my 32 inch back into my room.” Why did i have to ask!? Gosh i’m so stupid. “No! I like that tv.” “No that television is ours its going into our room.”, said the step dad. Shut up! Your not the one who makes decisions in the house. “Maybe if you have your room clean you can keep it.”, says my mother. I love you mommy. “No! That’s ours.” Says the step dad. Like shut up you don’t make the decisions. You want a big plasma in your room, BUY ONE. Your just jealous  You don’t even make the payments in the house so shut up. His opinion doesn’t matter to me cause he’s an annoying peasant.

My mom said if there’s already a line by Wednesday afternoon, they’re leaving. I will not allow my mom take away my television for a small cheap one. If she is, i’m going rebel. Gosh i hope there is someone there camping by now. Yes maybe it’s a good bargain but why camp outside? That’s just embarrassing. It would be embarrassing to say, “Where is your mom?” “Oh she’s outside the 99 cents store, camping for a 99 cents plasma television.”

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