What's on my mind

Random Scheiße

Side note: Scheiße is german for shit. A classy way to say shit.

Lets just pretend i’m Tumblr famous and i’m answering all of your ask’s in this blog post.

What exactly are you wearing right now? Pajamas and my big blue school sweater. I really need to take a shower right now but that can wait. I have nobody to impress anyways. I haven’t even changed all day. Hashtag i’m lazy as fuck.

Did you have a good day yesterday? Eh yeah i guess. School was boring as always. And the rest was just boring. I was hoping to go out but i didn’t. Hashtag forever alone.

Were you single over the last summer? YES! My summer goal was to find a lover but that was a fail. I was even out on the streets all the time but nobody was interested talking to a tall giraffe. Bitches.

“Get a little wreckless baby i can’t get enough”- KESHA, Supernatural. My continuation to the song: Baby lets just run away. Move those legs up and down. Oh baby we look like were dancing. Fuck twitter. Twitter can suck my tumblr ask box. I dare you i dare you i dare you to pull that shirt up and lick those buttons. Even though it’s super soft and totally not a button. Together together we could write a movie. MOOOOOVIEEE! MOOOOOVIEEE! Wait what a movie? Yes so that we could get a little more WRECKLESS!

Sometimes i see myself designing clothes but then again i don’t have the fucking mind to draw and envy creativity. I think i’ve used, envy, correctly. It’s probably the BQQ sauce taste in my mouth that is bothering me. Like i imagine myself as a male version of Lana Del Rey and i can picture how distinct my clothes would be rather than any other male in this world. Like i can do this and then again i can’t.

Been watching Jersey Shore marathon all day. Theres nothing to watch anyways. The only time i changed it was when Sami and Roni were fighting in Italy. Like i don’t want to watch sadness and crying on television. Like whenever Sami cries, i’m depressed. Cause i feel like i’m there, right by her side, watching this all happen. So i changed it to The Real House Wives Of Atlanta. That show is drama but a different kind of drama. All of the wives don’t cry with them, they scream and fight. And get over it in 5 minutes. Unlike Jersey Shore get over it for like 1 week which is like 2 episodes.

What am i doing right now? Sitting in my kitchen table, Blasting and Dancing to Ke$ha’s new album, Warrior, and watching Jersey Shore. Not really watching. The television is just turned on and have my back against it.

What has two legs and runs? A marathon runner.

Oh starbucks can you just come to me? Tell the barista to make a Mocha Frap with no whip cream and extra coffee, grow some wings and come to me.

Oh my phone is dead. I ain’t getting up and charging it. “This is our last goodbye. Promise me you won’t cry”- Kesha, Last Goodbye. This is the only time and momment when i relate to ke$ha’s music for the first time. Kesha has some kind of mojo shit going on right now. Like i can finally relate! She’s so perfect i want to cry.

I watched President Gaga on Youtube today. That shit was amazing. Finally somebody made that video. It’s so scary how that girl looks exactly like Lady Gaga. Gaga for President was one of the most tweeted phrases i’ve seen on my timeline and finally someone made a video about it. BEST 10 MINS. OF MY LIFE.

Oh yeah today was the one more shot concert with the rolling stones and special guest Lady Gaga. My mom would kill me if i ordered it on Paperview. So i just watched it online. But all of the Livestreams failed on me! I’m sorry Gaga but i tried. Its hard being a monster (lady gaga superfan) when my stupid computer is being slow. Being a monster is expensive. Real monsters know what i’m talking about and agree.

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