What's on my mind

Past Feelings

My mood right now? I dunno i’m not a doctor. Do you guys know we have 7 DAYS UNTIL WERE DEAD. Ever since i’ve seen scary movie, i’ve been waiting for this day forever. And now its happened! Lololol. I really doubt the world is going to end. Its obvious god choses the world is going to end not the mayans or humans. Like shut up. I’ve also heard online that were going to have 3 days of no sunlight. Like how is that possible? Will we all freeze up? Will it even happen before or after the 21st? I also saw that NASA confirmed it. I’m scared to google it cause i don’t want to know were not going to sunshine. Like have you seen the trailer for World War Z? About the zombie Apocalypse? If that’s really going to happen, i’m fucking scared. I’ll just pretend i’m a zombie to survive.

I was watching Chelsea Lately when the guy from Maroon 5 (not really, he’s from Foo fighters. *me trying to be funny*) was taking Chelsea’s place. Like where are you bitch? I miss you! I only watch on fridays and i don’t get to see you? Fuck you. I hope you get pregnant (get it? Cause she hates kids? Ha!). That guy from the boy band, was funny i guess. I’m just fucking glad they talked about Justin Bieber not getting any Grammy Nominations. Once the nominations were released i was like, oh did Justin get any nominataions? And turns out he didn’t. HA! I actually don’t like him. He’s always trying to win over my fave, Lady Gaga but fails everytime. Like, Justin stop it with the #1 hits Lady gaga has grammy’s. You don’t. I’m sorry Beliebers but i don’t think Justin’s album isn’t revolutionary. Has his album been very controversial? In a good way? I gave the album a chance but i didn’t like it. Too much electronic. Maybe that’s why Justin didn’t get a nom. He’s a pop singer not a DJ. But those are just my opinions. I just don’t get why his fans are mad. He’s only 18 years old. His day will come. I just find it funny how the Grammy’s prefer an openly gay man, Frank Ocean, pop singer to get the nominations rather than Justin.

My weekend plans? Study. AND READ. I have finals next week and i need to pass my classes. I also have to read a book this weekend. I have to read two books a semester for my English class and i only have one book read. And i just finished my first book yesterday. I’m such a huge procrastinator. I also have to study my lines for my spanish class presentation. It’s a play and i have the main role cause i’m the only hispanic who speaks well in spanish. I play this guy named Carlos who goes on a cruise and witness’s a robery and i try to save the robbed item and almost get myself killed. So i basically have to do every facial expression in the book. HOW EMBERASSING. Whatever. This weekend i’m also going Christmas shopping for my mom, sister, and step dad. I’m planning to buy my mom…. something. My sister? Kool-aid and KFC cause she’s a dark latina. That and something else. My step dad? (more like mom’s boyfriend but that’s such a long title.) Um i don’t know. Condoms? To never get my mother pregnant. Last year i got him boxers. I didn’t even buy them, my mom did. And she choose them and pretended like it was me doing the shopping.

Musically? I’m feeling good. I think. I’ve taken a break from listening to Ke$ha’s new album and getting myself back obsessed with Lana Del Rey like i’ve always have. Last night i was jamming out to Judas by Lady gaga. And thought to myself why haven’t i listen’d to this song. Oh right cause it’s about judas (not really) and faith prefers Lana Del Rey. Judas reminded me all the good times i had listening to Born this way, the album, all year. I remember going home craving to listen to Electric chapel. I still think that album is the shiz but it’s not the same. It’s hard to cope with pop music when Lana Del Rey keeps releasing new music.

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