Fiction Friday

Fiction Friday: Blogger Love

Monica. That is my name. I guess you could say i like that name. Sounded innocent and yet bad ass at the same time. My father told me Monica means music. Atleast that is for him. But the only music in me is love honey. I met a guy. His name was Jake. I love’d his name. It just sounded so sexy. Jake And Monica. J&M. Those are the words that could be on our wedding invitation card. I think it’s perfect. Me and Jake met at the airport. He was sitting right next to me. He was blogging on his blog and so was i. His blog was more of a Travel blog mine was a poetry blog. I remember reading his URL on his laptop and went on it. I fell in love with his words. The way he view life was amazing. Well not amazing, everyone uses that word. But outstanding. His last blog post was when he arrived Paris. He mentioned how Paris was his favorite place in the world cause it reminded him of the city streets like in New York. Every block had wonderful french music playing from the restaurants. He said the music was the only thing that made him love paris. Cause it fitted well with the scene and mood he was in. Then i read his about page. This is what it said, “Hi my name is Jake and welcome to my travel blog. I love traveling. I see it as a new encounter of myself trying to fit in. But i really was just an American tourist traveling.” I remembered it so well because i felt the same way but in a whole another level. It was love, honey. I was desperate for love. I would always be the 2nd choice for guys and wouldn’t care if i was 1st or 2nd choice because i felt so alone. I had to talk to this guy. And so i did. And the rest was just love at first read. Falling in love with another blogger is a good way to go. Would you fall in love with a blogger?

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