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RIP Jenni Rivera

Can you believe that Jenni Rivera has past away already? I know i can’t. Jenni died in a airplane crash and her death was confirmed as the rest of her body parts were found. She was a very famous mexican singer and has her own reality tv shown on Mun2.

I loved Jenni. I wasn’t a fan of her music because i never listened to it but i just loved the person she is. I use to watch her reality show, I love Jenni, every weekend. That was the only show that united the family cause we all loved it. I thought she so hilarious and very brave. I remember watching an interview of her talking about her divorce. I was thinking, wow she’s very strong and brave. . Because she seemed very calm as if it was a normal interview and said she still has hope to find love again. I was even heartbroken that she was going through a divorce. Cause i knew how much she loved him, her sons cared about him and knowning that its all gone, is depressing. Throught her show she showed the love she had for her fans and family too. All day i was thinking about her. Trying to sink it all in knowning Jenni is gone. I remember last weekend my mom was watching a concert on TV and i would listen to it to as i walked past the living room thinking that she has a great voice and great lyrics. I even thought,

wow Jenni’s music is so beautiful. She’s like the mexican version of Marina And The Diamonds. Both their music are beautiful and speak deep into the meaning of love.

And now listening to Marina’s new album Electra Heart would never be the same. I see it as a way of listening to both Marina and the diamonds and Jenni Rivera in the album Electra heart.

I found out the news that Jenni was missing in mexico from my mom. She told me. We both thought she was kidnapped or something but it appears she crashed. I found that out when i was at the mall, at panera eating, looking up news mentioning that she’s really dead.

I’m still in shock and devasted. Last time i have ever felt like this was when Micheal Jackson died. And then i wasn’t impacted that much cause he wasn’t part of my life then. My prayers go her family. Rest in peace Jenni your the best!

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