Evidence Of Fakes On Kik





Remember how i would blog about my hoes on kik? Well yeah. This convo was from sunday. Creppy right? First of all i didn’t ask for your picture! You random. I showed my sister how weird that was and she told me that the picture is a fake. That its all over facebook and tumblr. bitch going all catfish and all. What ever you see in the purpule is me. I promise more to come about these kik convos is to come! I’m making it, new blog category, official.

10 thoughts on “Evidence Of Fakes On Kik

  1. LOLLL. Gtfoh. Some chick sent me that picture too! I was like uhh, no. It’s sad. People always have to fake well-known people.. if you’re gonna be a creepy perv, you might as well use a picture that’s NOT all over the internet. No..not advising anyone to be fake, but you get my point xD

  2. God… I fucking hate fakes on the internet…! They have fucked me over once and that’s enough… I’m done with Everything on the internet, I’m going to bury myself in my Cave now

  3. Wow…creepy. I’ve been talking to a Guy for almost a year, and I really have doubts about if he is real or not… :(

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