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Now Real Life Has No Appeal

Now real life has no appeal. How could Lana Del Rey not get a nomination!? Born To Die is a masterpiece and better than any other album released this year. Who ever makes the decisions for the Grammy nominations, can suck it and go fall in a whole and go bald and lose their social life. YOU MADE A BIG MISTAKE. All this year i’ve been thinking, Gosh i can’t wait until Lana Del Rey gets a grammy nomination. She’s getting so famous lately. Because i’m a die heart fan of Lana. Like have you read my blog? I’m a huge fan. Most of the people nominated are like unknown. Most people know Lana Del Rey more than The Black Keys or the Mufford and sons something something. Lana Del Rey worked hard to get where she is and now she doesn’t have any nominations!? At least nominate her. All you people who work at the grammy’s office or whatever, must be living under a rock. Lana Del Rey has evolved so much through her music. I would personally buy the Grammy people the album, Born to die so that they could give it a listen and at least release a statement or something, apologizing  But only to 4 people (don’t have much money). I know Lana Del Rey doesn’t give a fuck if she gets a nomination or not but if she did, she would glady appreciate it and feel the shit. And hopefully then haters can shut the fuck up and have something to shut up their face. These are the moments when i wish i was John.

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