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My Odd Factor

When it comes to blogging, i have an odd factor. When ever i write a written blog post and get a lot of likes by bloggers i’m like, oh okay. Woo hoo! And i don’t think about what i wrote that made them want to hit the like button. After an hour or two of writing a blog post i forget half the stuff i wrote. I remember the main points but not the details. Like there’s times i blog about something, and make it sound funny, i remember me not being funny at the blog post (the opposite). Almost as if i have to go back to the blog post, read it, predict what made the blogger hit the like button and rejoice life. Rejoice life? Why rejoice Daniel? You may ask. Because i put a lot of thought and effort on my posts (at least most of them) and knowing that my readers like my writing, makes me happy. I may be a nobody out in the streets but i am a somebody on my blog. Back, to the odd factor. I need a post-it or something to remind myself what i really blogged about and be like, oh okay they like this kind of writing. Good to know. Good to know? Yes good to know (I wish i had double Italic for those past two sentences). Remember my own definition of huge hit? Well yeah.

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