Fiction Friday

Fiction Friday: John, The Grammy Guy

My name is John and i’m the person who makes the final word to the grammy nominations and winners. So here is my response to all your hate.

1st- I didn’t nominate Justin Bieber cause his album is too electronic. This is the Grammy’s! Where we don’t honor dub step music that will only be “hot” for a while. Like what if someone in the future does a project on the 50th grammys and the girl says, “This is a album called Believe won a grammy. Like what the fuck is this? Dup step? Electronic? That’s so old! And ever since this award, the Grammy’s an award like this isn’t taken seriously like in the past.” That would be so embarrassing  Plus we honor more poetic music not Justin.

2nd- Taylor Swift didn’t much nominations cause she’s a whore.

3rd- Lana Del Rey didn’t get any nominations cause she’s not openly gay or black (frank ocean). Plus Lana Del Rey need’s a push to get the fame she deserves. Maybe if her music was on the radio she might of been nominated.

4th- One direction? Who are they? Oh! The boy band! They didn’t get a nomination because they’re British and have the BET awards. Gosh i wish i nominated them but i forgot! Scheisse.

5th- I’ll make sure Adele won’t win that nomination for Set Fire To The Rain. She already has too many Grammys.

3 thoughts on “Fiction Friday: John, The Grammy Guy

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