Tumblr Questions

There’s a part of me that is telling me, DANIEL what the fuck are you doing!? Keep blogging! Remember what YOLO stands for?  And i just don’t know what to blog about. The past half of hour i was googling ideas but after 5 websites, i gave up and got bored. So i decided to aim for it. But i obviously don’t know what to blog about. So i decided to pretend like i’m a tumblr blogger who get’s tons of asks and to answer all of them all on this blog post. Ready, set, go!

Would you have sex with the last person you text messaged? My best friend? Lol no! I don’t even think she’ll want to. She’s short, im tall. SEE THE DIFFERENCE? Plus i don’t go that way.

What is the last beverage you had? Sprite. I feel so unhealthy cause i drinked 3 soda cans and one water bottle today. Won’t that hurt my liver or something!? AH! Soda is just so good. It’s the demon i cling to. I will never forget the times when in mexico during the summer, all i would blog about is how clinged i have become with soda. And that’s because it was hard for me to get soda because i always had to go to the store to buy some, my father would bitch to me ANOTHER SODA!? Your not going to be able to sleep, rather than buying a 12 pack of soda cans here in america.

What are you gonna do Saturday night? Going to the mall with my best friend! I’m excited. I guess you could say we’ve gotten closer now that i text her more often. I just convinced her to make a keek video of her singing. Score! Like a boss. I can’t ever imagine her sing. I always thought she had a bad voice. And i’m also looking foward to watching Saturday Night Live. It’s been so long since they last have gone live. Two weeks. Two weeks is alot for me. I’m just excited to see the weekend update and hopefully the girl you wish you hadn’t started a conversation with. She’s so funny.

What are you going to spend money on next? Hopefully on Christmas presents. But then again, hopefully clothes for me. Since my sister is always making fun of black people im going to give her kool aid and kfc napkins for christmas. Lol! I’m so excited! And ill probably buy my mom a movie she really wanted, the life of a mad black woman, and probably a shirt or something. And my step dad, more like moms boyfriend, i have no idea. Maybe an Old Guys Rule shirt. That would be so funny.

What do you want right this second? TIME! I have homework to do but as always blogging is more important than spanish homework. I’m such a huge procrastinator.

Last movie you watched? Radio Rebel. I love that movie. It’s an Disney channel movie. But that movie is the shiz! The whole time i was, Omg whats going. Omg she’s caught. Omg she’s going to get expelled. Omg she’s so awkward and shy like this cannot be a real real person.

Last time you went swimming in a pool? Oh that was in july! So far away right? I’m just so embarrassed of my hairy legs. I can shave them but my mom won’t let me. I never wear shorts anyways. Only during PE. I hate my legs. My legs are as hairy as a teddy bear going bald.

What is the first thing you thought of when you woke up? Ugh i hate school, i just want to sleep. And that’s me almost everyday. Except on the weekends, obviously  I love my sleep. I could sleep earlier but since i’m a huge procrastinator, i can’t.

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