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Lady Gaga Visits A Poor School In Peru

[WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE!] Wow is that just of nice Lady Gaga visted that school? You haters  may be saying, lol no. Fuck her. She probably made those kids wear meat dresses and sing Judas. That’s why Lady Gaga is my fave, because of her compassion and promoting anti-bullying and empowering you. Woah look at the big words i’m using! She’s so nice and humble (i don’t know). Watching this gave me a little spark in my stomach. The fact that Lady Gaga went to that school to make these kids grow a heart, and made their day is just amazing. If Lady Gaga came to my school i would feel inspired. Inspired in so many ways. Inspired that i can be whoever i want to be and to never give up on my dreams. And Lady Gaga would be my hero. Like shit. I’m just not over it. This is like a big thing she did. Gaga is just so nice. She even shared her stories when she was bullied. And that is good thing to tell cause it’s a way of saying, Yes i’ve been bullied but take a look at me now i’m famous! Using her powers for good, uplifting peoples lifes. Giving them smiles and memories that they will never forget.

If Gaga came to my school today i would be like, Bitch i know that you’ve been bullied now let me hear your new music! And would probably won’t listen to her but just look at the way she smiles, like a little creeper. And maybe just stalk her to her hotel.

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