Doomsday Problems

Doomsday is in 16 days guys! Omg i can’t fucking wait! Lol. Just kidding. The world is obviously not going to end on December 21st (hope not). But it’s a great laugh right?

Fashionista problems: The world is ending in 19 days and i still don’t know what i’m going to wear.

Blonde white girl problems: Like how is the world going to end?  I’ve seen Doomsday preppers and i’m like confused. Like make up your mind America! With all they money they spend i could buy a ton of clothes. Like alot of clothes.

White girl problems: When doomsday is coming, i’m going to take a picture like this, like in the old times.

Blogger problems: As you guys see doomsday is coming really close. What will you do on “doomsday”? Will you infinitely blog until the world ends? Cause i can write a post about it, similar to Britney Spear’s song, and i’ll most defiantly will get freshly pressed. But who cares anyways? Oh wait i do. I just told you. On doomsday will you read all your blog posts to remind yourself the crazy momments you had? Will you delete your blog so that when aliens come they don’t have evidence that you lived? Will you write a really long (boring post)? Or will you just cry?

Food lovers problems: What will happen to all the food? Will the fishes that lived, eat them? Will zombies eat them? Because if so, i want to become a zombie so that i could eat all the food i want. I might as well eat at a restaurant on doomsday and leave with out paying. Oh wait its fucking doomsday! A buffet is better!

Plot twist for bloggers on WordPress: WordPress won’t let us log in on December 21st.


Jewish Problems: Well good thing we have Hanukkah when we will be able to celebrate our christmas before doomsday. Cha ching!


GENIUS! This is so hilarious.

GENIUS! This is so hilarious.

doomBloggers Problems: If the world is going to end and i’ll die, i will still have scheduled posts set to publish on the 22nd.

Teacher Problems: Gosh i hope there really is an end to the world. These kids are so annoying!

Little monsters Problems: The world cannot end on the 21st! I bought my fucking tickets to see Lady Gaga live in January. I’m even planning to go to the monster pit. So if the world is going to end Gaga better be sorry and release the new music!

Dreamer Problems: Whut! The world is ending! I guess i wrote that bucket list for nothing.

Me: I have my last day of finals on doomsday. Like really? I don’t want to spend my last days of life studying.



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