Paparazzi Tuesday


Happy Paparazzi Tuesday! I had no idea on what to choose pictures on and i was looking around and saw the word Warrior on my album. It was the song by Ke$ha that i was listening to (by the way, her album is amazing!!!). Sorry i forgot to do it last week. I’ll make it up to you… By blogging.

How cute are they? Although they look a little bit funny… Haha.

Like what the heck does he have on his face!? He defiantly is a warrior for letting someone draw that on him.

I got this picture from Aztec Warriors Funny picture right? There’s no other way to show an Aztec warrior by using a cheetah. Cheetah’s that are repoducing with their own siblings.

His smile made me crack up. Haha! That smile totally looks fake. Almost as if he’s saying, “Okay i came, no i want to go home.”

Nice looking outfit! (almost said costume)

Ofcourse i added Kesha’s new album. What kind of fan i would be if i didn’t. FREE PROMO. This guy’s face though, death.

Bad picture? His caption was, What a wonderful day. Open your other eye and you’ll see the world better.

lmao! So true!

Wow. What a great picture!


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