Response To The WordPress Weekly Writing Challenge

FUCK YOU! Now this challenge is too challange-able. I’m sorry but i’m not an English professionalist. I don’t know whether or not my blog post is grammar check’d correctly. I suck at that. I don’t want to end up going to college just to be able to be freshly pressed. What are you in here for? Oh i’m taking this course so that i could be freshly pressed on WordPress for my 1 week of fame.  How about the horrible English writers like me, get freshly pressed? Why professional when you can sound understanding? I read freshly pressed blog post all the time with huge words and i say, what the fuck is that word? This is no essay, its a blog! But that’s just they’re choice of writing style and i respect that. But why do i have to sound like that when i can be easily read. Also, if my blog post has any grammar mistakes, FEEL FREE TO HACK INTO MY ACCOUNT AND FIX THEM.

This week’s challenge is write a post in another narrative mode. Really another mode? *Gorge Lopez voice, “Estas loco!”* That’s just too hard for me. I’m sorry but i’m writing for a blog not a book. I get it how it’s just a challenge but why this topic? Why not just a challenge about pink elephants? Cause that would be so cool and awesome. WordPress  you might even win a noble prize for that (I’m just tricking you. Hope it works)!

This post may have some errors. If so, i’m sorry. It’s teen mom time!

One thought on “Response To The WordPress Weekly Writing Challenge

  1. Just so you know I read those FP’s all the time too and until I started reading them I thought of myself as somewhat intelligent, somewhat educated but the words that I find included in many of those posts…well I don’t give a shit enough to google the definition tyvm but I don’t bother finishing the reading. Just write like a normal person! I’ve read some FP’s and they don’t contain 5 syllable words that look like they’ve been made up. Screw that noise….just saying.

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