If I Was A Viral Sensation

I’ve been dreaming of my blog being a viral sensation for so long. Like I dream about that everyday. I imagine myself walking into my school campus with a huge heard of paparazzi  showing the “popular” kids that they are not the shit, I am. I even mentally talk to myself being interview’d by Ellen DeGeneres. I’m such a dream right? But now i really don’t give a fuck if my blog is a sensation or not. All i want is it for to be read. And if my blog does go viral then i would like you guys to remember me as a model for being myself. Blogging about what i want not what my readers want, to express myself in a creative writing way. Every single time i publish a blog post, the first thought  that comes to my mind is, i have a feeling my readers won’t like this post cause it’s too personal or not “funny”. But then i remind myself, Daniel this is your fucking blog. Blog what ever you want. KEYWORD: ITS YOUR BLOG.  And the picture i get from this is that nerd guy from Mean Girls saying, don’t get the haters stop you from doing your thang. The way he says thang gets me every time. So hilarious i want it to be my ringtone. So hilarious that i want that to be the sound when opening my birthday card. I also want you to remember all those amazing moments when i would freak out when i got 25 blog views in one day, beating my record. Getting 50 blog followers. I might not be known but i am winner in my own way. I have 51 FUCKING BLOG READERS. 50 PEOPLE READING MY WORDS AND THINKING, shut up Daniel or Oh Daniel. Now with the new wordpress layout, when signing in it says, Your already a blogger?, i say fuck yeah i do! Now let me log in so that i could blog to my 50 blog followers.

If i was viral i would use my powers for good. How? I don’t know! That day hasn’t come yet. I use to be a huge tweeter on twitter and if i had a fanbase there, that would be so awesome. I could ask them what they think about my blog posts and get feedback. I can ask them how good a certain book or movie is and get feedback. I can ask them what they did over the weekend and get feedback. Not that it’s creppy but i’m always super curious what other americans like me do on a typical day. What do the jocks do? Being whores and sports all day? What do nerds do all day? Read my blog posts? What do girlly girls do all day? Hang out with their friends all day and go to the mall? That’s not creppy. Stocking you and reading your tweets is creppy. See the difference? If you don’t, go suck a dick, i care less.

I would also promote. FOR FREE. I know what its like for a blogger to be out there without any readers and wanting promotion without paying.

The rest is all a mystery. I guess you’ll have to wait and see what will happen. THAT’S IF I’M ALIVE.

To all the bloggers that are sad or desperate for blog views or a super fan (reader), don’t ever stop writing. Trust me, your day will come. Even if your writing for that one reader, keep doing so as if your the biggest blogger in the world and the world is in need of your words and thoughts. It may take months or years for your blog to be discovered but you will have work made in the past that someday someone will appreciate and look up to.

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