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Hashtag I Hate Laptops

I just ordered online a new laptop charger for my laptop. Wonderful right? This laptop is like slowly tearing apart. Like bear with me you peasant! The input that goes in the charging jack broke and got stuck inside and now i have to buy a new one to replace it. It broke when my big piece of brick fell to the ground. Good thing it was not a big fall or the screen didn’t crack but the charger did. Good thing it was fully charged before it broke. I just hate it how i have to spend money on this small piece of brick. This HP mini is sorta getting on my nerves. I didn’t buy this laptop so that it could break and pay more money to get it fixed. First my screen cracked, then my frame and now the charger jack? Great. The ideal laptop for me, is one that turns on quickly, doesn’t need to charge, solar powered, fast internet access included, unlimited music streaming, blogging benefits,  and one that could print me real money. And i would own the company, name it Giraffe Spot’s, and instead paying money for it, you could earn it by knowledge. That would be so legit.

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