Scream & Shout, The New Gangnam Style

20121202-212856.jpg Im like in OBSESSED with the song Scream & Shout by Will.i.Am and Britney spears. I’ve been listening to this song all night. Once i found out i was home alone i was like, oh i can jam out to music (dance). And listen’d to Scream & Shout on MTV and wonder’d why the heck i don’t have this on my iPod so i bought. And now i can’t stop listening to this song. ItS AdIcTiNg! I was dancing like a big weirdo all over my living room as if i was at the club. Literally. I usually don’t buy electronic songs like these but THIS ONE IS AMAZING.

When my mom came home i speeded the part when the songs says, “You are now rocking with Will.i.Am and Britney bitch” and sang it to my mother. But this time i said, “You are now rocking with Will.i.Am AND BRITNEY BITCH!” I was even listening to this song when i was taking a shower. I hardly listen to music in the shower unless i’m in the mood like today. I even created a special playlist for the special occasion. Scream & Shout, played twice, How to be a heartbreaker, and Scream & Shout again. I was like forever singing. Good thing i didn’t slip and fall.

I first listened to the song when the video came out and thought it was a good song and a typical electronic song. But i was wrong. It’s more than an electronic song it’s an escape. And once i heard it on MTV, heartbeats commercial, i bought it immideatly. As i’m writing this i’m listening to the song, trying to focus.

My favorite part of the song is Britney’s part. I love Britney and always have. Favorite lyrics: “See those boys at the club they’re watching us. All eyes on us.” “BRITNEY BITCH.” I Actually love all the lyrics to be honest. I go hard at the electronic instrumental part. I’m so glad its #1 on iTunes. Hashtag fuck yeah! This song better be playing on the radio when i’m in the car or else i’ll kill the DJ’s first child.

Oh trust me Britney I WILL turn this shit up when i hear this song. I hope i would be able to cope with this song when i buy Kesha’s new album. I don’t like choosing sides.

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