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Pre Kesha’s New Album Emotions

Omg dirty love is such a great song. I love it! Ah! I can totally imagine myself jamming out to this song. By jamming out i mean dancing like I’m the center stage at a club. Kesha is like the best dance pop artist of all time! I can’t wait til i buy the album. I feel like I’m watching a circus play act when I’m listening to this song.

The beginning of Past lives is so amazing. It reminds me of a song that Bella and Edward Cullen would dance to. I didn’t listen to the lyrics cause i didn’t want it to spoil for me.
Based on these two leaked songs, the album will be freaking amazing! I would of listen to the other songs but i don’t want it to spoil the special night (album release day).
I want to pre order the album on itunes but it says its not available in the U.S… The heck!? Why not? If it isn’t then why does it give me the option to pre order it idiots! Whatever i’ll just buy it when it comes out at midnight. I’ve been saving my money all month so that i could have enough to buy it. I would buy the CD but my mom won’t let me. She think’s ive spent already too much money on Lana Del Rey last month. BUT MOM THIS IS KESHA! I HAVE TO HAVE THIS ALBUM OR ELSE MY GIRAFFE SOUL WILL DIE. 
I’m so excited for Kesha’s new album, Warrior! I LOVE Kesha. Her music is the shiz. I just can’t wait any longer for this album to come out. Keyword: CAN’T WAIT. I’m still obsessed with Die Young and C’mon and now i have this album on its way!? TOO MANY EMOTIONS RIGHT NOW. I’m super super excited. I don’t think ill be able to sleep on monday night. The album is released on Monday at 9PM california time cause it’s released at midnight in new york time so that makes it at 9PM here. And that’s my bed time. I really don’t give fuck i’m just going to be under my sheets listening and jamming to this album. Kesha strikes out everytime. I’m so glad she isn’t one of those artists that have one great album and the next one is boring. Like Adele. In my opinion, 21 is better than 19. And based on Skyfall her album is going to suck. I remember Kesha would tweet all the time saying that’s shes working on her next album and i would say, cool beans BUT WHEN IS IT RELEASED!? I WANT DATES NOW. I also remember one year ago she tweeted, tell my record company how much you want this new single so that i could release it sooner! And that obviously failed. But truth is, is that it takes time to make one killa fucking great amazing popping album. LET’S JUST SPEED TIME TO MONDAY NIGHT SO THAT I COULD FEEL BETTER (as if i will).


One thought on “Pre Kesha’s New Album Emotions

  1. Kudos on spending all your money on Lana Del Rey! I love her right now. I definitely know what you mean about Kesha though. I don’t think I’ve stopped listening to Warrior since I got it a few days ago. I also recommend checking out the deconstructed mix of Die Young :) http://bit.ly/TvY6UM

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