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Catfish Episode 3: Awkward Video Chatting

Today’s episode of Catfish was so crazy. Well not crazy but unexpected. I was watching the show with the family, my mom, her boyfriend, and my sister. Which is odd cause ever since the show came out that’s all i would talk about and now that they’ve seen an episode yesturday at las vegas, they are now in love with the show. Like i have been talking about the show to you guys and now you care about by watching it!? Have you not listened to my conversation when i was telling you about the episode!? Like come on!

The whole time i thought he was real and i was correct! Woo hoo! The whole time i was thinking the thing that he was hiding is that he’s already married or something. But turns out he’s just big. Poor him though. If i were him i would be emberassed and yet tell her the truth.

They have been talking constantly on the phone and texting but not on skype. Which is a little odd. A reason why he wouldn’t like to skype is because he is awkward. You may think awkward!? How can you be awkward on video chat rather than on the phone!? You have no idea what it’s like so shut up. On a video chat the person can see really how awkward he or she may be. The faces and expressions are what make things awkward on a video chat. And he was probably scared she was going to think he’s a total weirdo. Cause that can happen. That’s my fear.

In this episode A girl (forgot her name. Please help!) has been talking to this guy for 10 years. Yes 10 years! Crazy right? And turns out he is who he says he is. The only thing that’s he’s hiding is that he’s big. He has a huge heart and is a really nice guy. And the girl is confused whether she likes him or not. Like come on! You have been talking for 10 years! Its obvious you like him. He’s been there for you the whole time. But she does have other reasons. And those reasons are in the episode so watch it!

Next weeks episode is about a girl in a relationship with a guy. And seems like the guy is engaged. Based on the previews the girl acts and looks so scary. Like you don’t want mess with her.

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