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What I Would Do In An Zombie Apocalypse

I just saw a facebook status asking what will i do if there was an Zombie Apocalypse. Other than that person is desperate for comments, i don’t know. Actually i do know. There are so many things i would do actually.

  • If a zombie came up to me and said it’s going to kill me i would say, Wait! Let me just dance my ass off to Till The World Ends by Britney spears and then you will kill me.
  • If the zombie is super hot i would go up to it and kiss it.
  • I would obviously take pictures and blog about it and see if then i’ll finally get freshly pressed.
  • I would make them kill my enemies first. And run away.
  • I would say to wait and let the zombie talk. I’ve always wondered how Zombie’s talk.
  • I would run to my best friend, Natalie. She knows alot about Zombies and should know how to keep us alive. And then i’ll blog about it and i’ll finally get freshly pressed!
  • I would find Lana Del Rey and we will die together.
  • I would pay money to see Mitt Romney to see him get killed and then blog about it and i’ll get freshly pressed!
  • I would steal a kiss from someone. We’re going to die anyway.
  • I would dance with the zombie.
  • I would ask the Zombie to take a picture with me, publish it on my blog and then i’ll get freshly pressed! Too bad i would be alive to experience the moment.
  • I would tell the Zombie to give it’s heart a break and let me live. And possibly do a concert to the song.
  • I would kick the Zombie in it’s balls. I’ve always wanted to do that.
  • I would get a tattoo of Alice in wonderland and then going to get killed. Dying with the tattoo of alice is a wonderland (wonderful) way to go.
  • I would ask the zombie to make me into a zombie so that i could boss around the peasants by getting them naked, embarrassing them. But won’t kill them.
  • I would ask them where the vampires at so that they can make me live forever. SO THAT MY BLOG WILL LIVE FOR EVER. AND I’LL HAVE SOMETHING TO BLOG ABOUT. Hashtag oh fuck yes.

Hopefully my dreams come true. And if there’s going to be an Zombie Apocalypse anytime soon for you, good luck.

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