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My Sister Is Too Obsessed With The Number 69

My sister is just 12 years old and she is already obsessed with laughing at the number 69. And she isn’t a teenager. Yet. She’s just so imature. Me and her hardly talk cause i’m convinced she’s bipolar, all she talks about is the times 69 made her laugh. Which made me laugh at how immature she is.

She was telling me about the time this morning, my step dad saw the room temperature and said, “Ha its 69. 69. Hahaha its 69! Look babe its 69.” “What’s 69?”, Said my mother. Gosh she’s so mexican at times. Mom your with the most non prude guy in the world. How could you not know!? And my sister was just laughing and later my step dad asked why was she laughing and she said “Oh nothing!” And we both decided we will put the room temperature to 69 tonight just to get a good laugh. I’m not as immature as mys sister is. I just want to see my step dad’s reaction, face, and the way he say’s “Ha! 69!”

She was also telling how at her math classroom they can’t say the number 69 cause the whole class is immature. Not a shocker they’re in my sisters classroom. She was saying about the time they added and the answer was 69. And everyone laughed. She also mentioned about the time her teacher was asking for numbers and a guy named tarjay, seems like tarzan, gave her the number 69. And she said, “No Tarjay, We’ll do 69 later.” Lmao (laughing my ass off)! Double laugh. I did laugh at that one but kept inside. I’m so brave. She ALSO mentioned the time she said, “Teacher what number is that?” And there was a negative 6 and positive 9. “69. Very mature.  Very mature.” And all my sister do was laugh while the rest of the class didn’t notice. Poor my little wanna be class clown sister.

She also mentioned the time when her friend messaged her on Facebook and asked for a noun. She replied with a 69. She’s so dumb i swear. 69 is a verb! Right? Yes it is. And her friend replied with a “wow! I’m very disturbed. Very disturbed.” You see sister! Your the only one who is immature in your grade level. And so she replied with the noun, Mall. I can tell she’s going to be a shopaholic in the future.

When we were in the hotel building looking for the ice maker outside the room, my sister was telling that we should look for the room 69. And that was pretty much the only time she talked to me when she came with me to get the ice. Okay say we do find the room… Then what? We didn’t go and look for the room because we were so tired from walking around the whole building in search of ice. I’m sure she would of taken a picture and uploaded it to instagram and/or facebook.

I was looking at her instagram pictures and i saw 2 or 3 pictures involving the number 69. I can’t remember what the pictures where but i do remember thinking, gosh my sister is so immature. I’m sure if she saw 69 anywhere she would of taken a picture and uploaded to her instagram account.

My sister is so immature  I just hope her attitude changes. I don’t want her to become a prostitute because of her obsession of 69.

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